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NOTE: Your VIP Gallery includes ALL of your images -- even those in the "Lost" Galleries. However, you must notify us by separate email ( of any and all of the "900" numbers that are you.

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Note: If  your nick is not in the keyword cloud, or even if it is, feel free to scan through the "Lost" (un-tagged) galleries. You might find some "lost" pics of you there. If so, note the "900" number(s) and enter them in the keyword cloud.

Proofs: “What you see is NOT what you get.”

When you order you are seeing proofs. After you place your order, your proof will be replaced with the nicely edited photo(s) you are buying. The proof delay allows us a few days to make this exchange.

What you see:

The purpose of Proofs is to give you an overall impression of the image, especially your expression and posture. Are your eyes open, tongue in, showing good form, etc..


Even though proofs are pitiful, tiny, low-res, often too dark or too light, too far, yukky skin tone, etc. experience has taught us that they are nevertheless subject to unlicensed use. Therefore, they are also HEAVILY Watermarked!

What you get:

Large, Cropped, Highly edited, Frame filling, Color corrected, Exposure corrected, Contrast adjusted, High resolution (6MP+) digital files suitable for most uses including printing and framing -- even up to wall décor and poster sizes!

About Our Philosophy:

We are a small company and proud of it. Our competitors specialize in big even HUGE events and often multiple events per weekend spread out over multiple continents. To cope with up to a million images per week, they have no choice but to instruct their photographers to shoot tiny low-res images and they do no editing! To fill their orders all they do is remove their watermarks! That is them -- that is not us! Our photographers shoot to two memory cards. Yes, one card is for tiny images that will never be edited but the other card is recording Very High Resolution RAW image files of 25 Mbytes and larger! These are the files that are edited to within an inch of their lives when we fill you order! It is this meticulous attention to detail that allows us to offer up to wall-sized photo décor. We think this allows our product to stand above the rest!

Contact us:    (808) 385-8848    P.O. Box 129, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753